by Ben McCarthy // Pale Eyes

Philosophka 02:50
O, the whole world's a heartbreak it's not enough to stay alive, still every baby's gotta cry you take it as an inspiration so you're the celebrated queen, of only berely getting by Don't think of tomorrow and much less today nor of truth and lies it doesn't matter anyway just don't fuck me over Here in the crotch of the cliche here in the belly of a world, that is is aching for to die I wonder, do I disappoint you or is it only me whose expectations or so high I find the whole thing rather charming that every spasm of my will just prolongs the fantasy and now i'm trapped behind my closed eyes as you list the things you'll buy when we win the lottery Don't speak of tomorrow, and much less today nor of truth and lies what could it matter anyway just don't fuck me over Don't fuck me over Spoiled for choice don't make you free: this is a necessity We could hardly think we'll make it on, on, on It's not what it's supposed to be (whatever that's supposed to mean) We can hardly think we'll make it on, on, on Don't fuck me over, don't fuck me
Oh, nonplussed and full of lust Western Humanist Saw such civil means get you such bloody ends Saw Beauty, Truth, and the Good where the animals stood singing meaningless songs they made up for their forlorn friends Our faith brought us here Our love brought us here Our art brought us here It's honesty that brought us here Put your head on my shoulder I'll tell you when it's over I know I'm getting colder, but I'm trying to stay sober You could have lived by the pen or by the diagram by just staying thin and by suffering caresses Trampled rights after fights under fluorescent lights A fait accompli just to complete your bitterness No more No more say you'll undo these things you've made these claims before And what is more what is more you quite enjoy the pain (you prefer to enjoy) And what is it for what are they for all of the pretty things these clever things you make and sing just to ignore Let me know when you've had enough let me know when you've had enough of this progress


This make-over of Philosophka and its b-side, Lvr (Fckfrnd), are the first tracks from a record being released later this year. The tracks were composed and produced with Lisa J. Smith and American spectralist composer Ryan Somerville over the last year and were mixed and mastered by Mark Dorflinger.


released February 6, 2015

All songs were written and produced by Ben McCarthy in partnership with Ryan Somerville and Lisa J. Smith. The album was mixed and mastered by Mark Dorfliner at 118 West Studios in Simi Valley, Los Angeles.

Photos by Paz Ramirez.




Ben McCarthy // Pale Eyes Toronto, Ontario

Ben McCarthy is a sound artist, and experimental electronic producer based in Toronto, Canada. His recent work ranges from thudding and beat-driven to textured and meditative.

Always underpinned by strong theoretical subtexts, sinking in to McCarthy’s music is to be immersed in his thoughts on and experiments with the sonics of sex, politics, violence, and raw emotion.
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